The Year-long Workshop to Write Your Novel or Memoir

Our Commitment:

The Facilitator’s Commitment:

  • Read your posted material every two weeks and provide written responses that will identify your strengths as a writer, and provide guidance in those areas that could make your writing even better.

Your instructor will read and make comments on your posts by each biweekly class as long as you post them at least 3 days before the next class.

  • Create and guide you through in-class exercises to develop your craft as a writer, spark your imagination and keep your fingers on the keyboard.
  • Give you take-home exercises from time to time that will help you to produce your book week by week.
  • Provide a members-only website where you can post your work-in-progress and you will have the opportunity to interact with your fellow authors between workshop dates.
  • Offer you support and inspiration in the long middle stages of your book when the beginning is well behind you and the end seems far away.
  • Prepare a detailed, written review of your manuscript at the 21,000 word mark geared towards helping you flesh out your characters, develop your story line and provide detailed feedback.
  • Meet with each participant, after reviewing the 21,000 word manuscript, to discuss structure, character development, plot, stylistic notes and whatever other elements will contribute to moving the story forward.
  • Celebrate the completion of your first draft with you and your colleagues at the end of June, 2010.

Celebrating our 10th Year!

First Draft


Second Draft


Directions to Uplands
Directions to Uplands Retreats w