The Year-long Workshop to Write Your Novel or Memoir

1st Draft OnLine Our Commitment

1st Draft – Our OnLine Commitment

  • read your submitted material (target 3,000 words) every two weeks and provide written responses that identify what is working well in your manuscript, your strengths as a writer, and guidance in those areas that could make your writing even better.
  • provide you with support and inspiration in the long middle stages of your manuscript when the beginning is well behind you and the end seems far away.
  • provide detailed instruction every two weeks on a key aspect of creative writing geared specifically to your genre and skill level.
  • provide a detailed written review of your manuscript at the 21,000 word mark geared towards helping you flesh out your characters, develop your story line and provide detailed feedback.
  • meet with you every two weeks online (in a Zoom format) or by telephone (your preference) to discuss your latest submissions, go over any questions that you have, and discuss how you are feeling as you write your book.
  • meet with you in a special meeting via Zoom or telephone (your preference) to discuss the 21,000 word manuscript review, with particular emphasis on story structure, depth of character, plot and timeline development, stylistic devices and themes, and whatever other elements will contribute to moving the story forward.
  • celebrate the completion of your first draft with you.


PLEASE NOTE: Once you have finished your first draft, a substantive edit of your entire manuscript is available from your mentor for an additional fee. For more information, please see the Second Draft description on this website.

Celebrating our 10th Year!

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