The Year-long Workshop to Write Your Novel or Memoir

2nd Draft Process Online

A Novel Approach Second Draft is a THREE PART PROCESS for novelists and memoirists who have completed the first draft of a manuscript and who now want help polishing their manuscript and learning the skills needed to:

1 Pursue literary agent representation
2 Approach traditional publishers
3 Self-publish.

In the ONLINE version, PART 1 and PART 2 are offered in an ONLINE format.

PART 1: Obtain a SUBSTANTIVE EDIT of your manuscript.
PART 2: Plan your REWRITE and Complete it over the next 5 to 6 months.

(The completion target is usually MARCH BREAK, so participants can join the Part 3 Intensive Workshop in April.)

However, ONLINE participants may start SECOND DRAFT at any time (except July and August) and then follow the SUBSTANTIVE EDIT and REWRITE timelines. If you wish to participate in the PART 3 Intensive in April, you will need to complete your rewrite before March Break in any given year.

Deadlines are a key feature of A Novel Approach Second Draft. ONLINE participants follow the same timetable design (5 to 6 months) as the regular workshop.

PART 3: Complete the 9 week Intensive Group Workshop: Preparing You and Your Book for the Marketplace.

This workshop contains TWO distinct approaches. Participants may select one, or both, depending on their preferences:
1 Authors who will be seeking LITERARY AGENT/PUBLISHER representation.
2 Authors who will be SELF-PUBLISHING.

Available once a year in April/May.

Sorry, but PART 3 is not yet available as an ONLINE workshop, but ONLINE participants may join PART 3 if their REWRITE is completed.


(Participants must complete PART 1 (Substantive Edit) before continuing with Part 2.)

  • This process is conducted one-on-one by email correspondence with your A Novel Approach mentor. The opportunity for in-person discussions will be available through Google Docs, Facetime or SKYPE.
  • Shortly after the SUBSTANTIVE EDIT discussion, participants make decisions regarding possible rewrite approaches and prepare a plan with your mentor.
  • Rewrites are submitted by email on a bi-weekly schedule, or uploaded to Google Docs, at the author’s discretion.
  • Your mentor reviews the chapters as they are received, keeping in mind the rewrite plan objectives, and makes further suggestions if needed.
  • The writer accepts or rejects these suggestions, resubmits the chapter for a final review by your mentor before moving on to the next segment.
  • Writers and mentors meet monthly face-to-face using Skype, telephone. (or in-person if the distance is not too great to travel)
  • Every second Thursday, silent writing space is provided to all participants at Uplands Retreats near Uxbridge, Ontario.
  • The Rewrite Target Completion date is usually March Break. For ONLINE participants, this will be approximately 5 to 6 months after the Substantive Edit meeting.
  • The objective is to finish the rewrite by March Break so your energy can then be applied to PART 3, if you choose to continue with the 9 week ‘PREPARING YOU AND YOUR BOOK FOR THE MARKETPLACE’ Workshop.

Celebrating our 10th Year!

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