The Year-long Workshop to Write Your Novel or Memoir

Payment for OnLine Mentorship

FIRST PAYMENT (due at time of registration) may be made using one of the following methods (e-transfer or cheque are our preferred methods):
1. Via E-transfer of $740 plus HST ($836 total) sent to:
2. OR BY Cheque for $740 plus HST ($836 total) made payable to Piquant Productions.
3. OR BY Visa or Paypal.

Payments for the second and third segments of $740 +HST are due at the beginning of those segments, or may be purchased at any time prior to commencement of each segment. Please let us know your preference.

Cancellation Policy:

Once the second submission has been sent to your mentor in any segment of the online course, fees are non-refundable (Before that fee is refundable, less a $120 CANCELLATION FEE).

Celebrating our 10th Year!

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Directions to Uplands Retreats w