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As of early July. Sue’s dates and locations for A NOVEL APPROACH First Draft 2019-2020 have not yet been posted.
Paying your deposit guarantees your space in the 2019-2020 A Novel Approach to Fiction or Memoir workshop. However, if the minimum number of registrations needed to offer a workshop in a specific location is not met, alternative dates and locations may be made available. If this arrangement is not workable, your deposit will be refunded in full as long as your request is made before you have attended the first class.

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Please Note: After you submit the registration form, please mail a cheque or E-TRANSFER your deposit of $565.00.

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Deposit for A Novel Approach First Draft: $500 + HST

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If you prefer to make the entire payment at registration, please select this button: $1,750 + HST.

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