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“I don’t need time, I need a deadline.”
― Duke Ellington

A Novel Approach Writing Workshops

A NOVEL APPROACH has been helping novelists and memoirists write, refine and present their finished manuscripts to the publishing marketplace for 16 years.

We help our writers accomplish this by creating the discipline, learning and support to write their complete FIRST DRAFT in 10 months.

(While also sharing the key aspects of craft along the way)

  • You meet biweekly online, face to face, in a small group of authors who are also writing their first drafts.
  • You post up to 3,000 words on a private workshop website every two weeks.
  • You read and share positive feedback with each other on the scenes written.
  • Your instructor reads every posting in detail and posts feedback.
  • In each of the 20 workshops, a vital aspect of the writing craft is addressed
  • At the conclusion of the workshop you will have written 60,000 words (or more) and learned the key skills to writing compelling stories.
  • You will forge long-lasting writing friendships with your fellow participants.

After the First Draft course is complete, we offer support through the next part of the process in these ways:

  • you can request a SUBSTANTIVE EDIT
  • you can request help to create a plan to finish your rewrite
  • you can take the intensive 8 week workshop: Navigate the Publishing Marketplace with Confidence, facilitated by James Dewar each year.

Whether you plan to self-publish, or find an agent and publisher to bring your book to the market, A Novel Approach is designed to ensure both you and your story are ready for the publishing marketplace and the reading public.

FIRST DRAFT MEMOIR online returns in 2024 on alternate Tuesday afternoons starting September 10th.

FIRST DRAFT FICTION online returns in 2024 on alternate Wednesday evenings starting September 18th.


Starts September 18, 2024

Bi-weekly Wednesday evenings

6:30-9:00 pm Eastern Time


Starts September 10th, 2024

Biweekly Tuesday afternoons,

1:00 – 3:30 pm Eastern Time