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“I don’t need time, I need a deadline.”
― Duke Ellington

A Novel Approach Writing Workshops

A NOVEL APPROACH FIRST DRAFT provides the discipline, encouragement, craft development and collegial support to ensure you complete at least 60,000 words of your novel or memoir over a 40 WEEK period.


WHAT’S NEW in 2022:

We’ve made important changes to A NOVEL APPROACH TO FICTION to apply more focus on WRITING NEW SCENES IN CLASS:

      • CRAFT LESSONS will now be posted a week before each class so participants can read them over in advance.
      • The CRAFT DISCUSSION component at the beginning of each class will be geared towards responding to participant questions on each CRAFT LESSON,
      • (We are always ready to discuss any aspect of craft with participants in one-on-one zoom room chats or telephone feedback sessions.)
      • Our PROMPT-BASED writing segments will be longer so participants will produce more of their bi-weekly writing targets in class.
      • We have added an optional SUMMER EXTENSION (additional fees apply) for those who need a few more weeks to finish their first draft.