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“The teaching of craft can be done without damage to a writer’s original voice or artistic self-esteem.”
― Pat Schneider (the 4th precept of the AWA Method)

Bi-Weekly MEMOIR Workshop Sessions

Bi-weekly workshops (two and a half hours in length) feature writing-on-the-spot exercises, writing new material, group reading and positive feedback, as well as instruction on the crucial elements of story and discussions about mutual areas of interest.

Although generating new writing (and sharing/receiving feedback from fellow participants) are the primary activities of most of the workshops, much of the writing required to achieve the biweekly targets will need to be completed at home.

Participants are welcome to use their preferred writing method in class. Pen and paper or laptops are welcomed, however since we will be working together in ZOOM rooms it is important to have a stable internet signal and good audio and video available on your computer or tablet.

A NOTE ON USING SMALL SCREENS OR CELLPHONES: Using cellphones will require considerable patience on the part of participants and is not recommended due to the limitations of the Zoom room app.

A Novel Approach to MEMOIR First Draft 2023-2024:
(facilitated by Sue Reynolds)

1:00-3:30 pm.

(First workshop September 12th, 2022)


[Every other Tuesday 1:00-3:30 pm]
[20 workshops starting September 12th]


September 12th
September 26th
October 10th
October 24th
November 7th
November 21st
December 5th (7th workshop)
December 19th


January 2nd
January 16th
January 30th
February 13th
February 27th
March 12th
March 26th
April 9th
April 23rd
May 7th
May 21st
June 4th (20th)
June 18th (if needed due to an unforeseen cancellation)