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Testimonials about Working with Sue Reynolds

Long ago, in preparation for my Grade 8 Royal Conservatory Violin exam, I practiced in earnest, arriving at each lesson thinking my pieces were audience ready. But my skilled violin teacher drew more out of me shaping the music until I was shocked, sometimes to tears, by the sound that emanated from my violin.

It’s like that with Sue. She is an extraordinary artist who respects the purpose and voice of her writers. An expert on the craft of writing, Sue’s clients create polished work bearing witness to their unique story. In “First Draft,” I’m playing beautiful music all over again on the strength of Sue’s exacting, insightful suggestions.

~Tanya Berezuk

I’ve had the good fortune and privilege of taking multiple short and full-year courses with Sue Reynolds for many years. In that time, with Sue’s leadership, I’ve experienced writing success, publication and won writing contests. In every group setting and 1:1 mentorship, Sue generously shares her expertise and leadership in the art and craft of writing, creating a supportive and truly enjoyable environment for emerging and experienced writers to shine. Her experience as a published and award-winning author and poet gives her a breadth of knowledge and skills as a teacher and group facilitator. Using the AWA method she creates a safe and balanced writing space. And she’s fun – every group relaxes and no matter how serious the topic or writing, there is laughter, acceptance and expansiveness.

~Christine Barbetta

Sue is the most masterful writing guide/facilitator I’ve encountered in my two plus decades of participating in writing workshops and classes. She has truly served as midwife to my creative heart. Not only is she immensely skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to craft, she is an excellent teacher of how to live with our human experience in a way that makes more out of us. She embodies the rare and precious qualities of compassion, generosity, and presence, and is able to hold and protect a safe and tender space in which I’m able to go deep and explore the dark wilderness of my inner world, and surface with treasures in my hands – stories I didn’t know I needed to tell. Meaning, wisdom, and understanding.  Peace, joy, and alchemy. Not to mention pieces for publication. There are not enough stars or thumbs-ups available for how highly I regard and recommend Sue as a teacher. If you get the chance to write with her – do it. It will be one of the greatest gifts you ever give yourself.

~Teegan Mannion, poet, memoirist

As an alumnae of one of Sue’s longest running memoir writing workshops, I love to reflect on the gifts I’ve been given—aside from the laughter, learning and growth. I have studied writers’ craft within the community and friendship of my tribe. Generated new material in a safe, encouraging environment, and found space for it in my manuscript. Savoured time and again how Sue’s laser-like feedback helped me excavate structure and meaning from the wellspring of words. Fair warning: Sue grounds her brand of thoughtful and respectful facilitation in a keen psychological insight. Be prepared to understand your narrator and predicament as you never have before.

~Heidi Croot

Without the careful and sensitive reading and editing skills of Sue Reynolds, my memoir My Impossible Life quite literally would not have been possible. Her insight and knowledge about memoir writing guided every line to its award-winning finish. My strongest advice to anyone considering writing memoir—connect with Sue Reynolds.”

~Charlene Jones

I was lucky to be a member of Sue’s ANA course this past year. Her warmth, encouragement, and passion for teaching are undeniable and I would absolutely recommend any course she has to offer.

~Linda Macdonald

Sue has been invaluable in her support and guidance of my work on my memoir. I would have stopped writing months ago if it had not been for Sue’s encouragement and insights. She has provided tools and enthusiasm that carry me forward.

~Gwyn Tracey

I have been part of Sue’s ANA to Memoir course since 2015, and I love it! Sue is a superb facilitator, creating a safe space for writers to explore their memories, and ensuring that every voice is nurtured and heard. I’ve learned so much about the writing craft from Sue and the other writers in the group, and have experienced amazing improvement in my productivity as well as my health.

~Wendy Lewis, multi-published author

It has been my pleasure to work with Sue Reynolds at Inkslingers over the past month or two. I had written a little children’s book which I wanted to self-publish but was very confused and overwhelmed by what I read online about doing this and also the huge cost. Fortunately a friend connected me to Sue and I never looked back! My book is now printed and the whole process was quick and easy! Along the way, Sue gave me many helpful suggestions. She always responded promptly with advice and the whole process was quick, efficient and very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of publishing. In fact, the whole process was sohttps://katemarshallflaherty.ca/ easy I’m now working on a second book!

~Susan Elsworth

Sue Reynolds is skillful, sensitive, and sensational at creating a safe and inspiring space in which to delve into memoir and creative non-fiction writing. Her lessons are inspiring, and her prompts elicit deep exploration of story; her craft and practice sessions move not only a memoir or short piece forward onto the page with energy, and out into the world with her keen and insightful edits, but her feedback and information into potential journals, contests and publications are invaluable in getting work ‘out there’ with confidence.”

~Kate Marshall Flaherty