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β€œThe teaching of craft can be done without damage to a writer’s original voice or artistic self-esteem.”
― Pat Schneider (the 4th precept of the AWA Method)

Navigate the Publishing Marketplace with Confidence

This Intensive workshop is open to any author or memoirist who has a manuscript ready for the publishing marketplace.

Authors attend online zoom Workshops every TUESDAY evening (6:30 to 8:30 pm) from January 9th to February 27th, 2024. (8 Workshops in total)

This intensive workshop is designed for writers who feel their manuscripts are ready to present to PUBLISHERS and AGENTS and wish to develop confidence and acquire successful book promotion strategies.

Although we recommend that authors receive a SUBSTANTIVE EDIT or complete A NOVEL APPROACH SECOND DRAFT before signing up, we recognize that many authors possess the level of market experience and craft to derive value from this process because they believe their FINISHED MANUSCRIPT IS MARKET-READY .

WEEK 1: Meet & Greet & Share Objectives
Defending your book as a work of art.
Revisiting the synopsis as a selling tool. (Note: Authors prepare a working synopsis in Part 2)

WEEK 2: Essential Manuscript Talking Points
Does your synopsis inspire interest?
Would an agent or publisher want to know more about your story?
Revise and revise until it’s perfect.

WEEK 3: Learn to Be Quick on Your Feet: Preparing a Pitch and Log Line(s)
Last look at your synopsis as a selling tool.
Secrets for making perfect pitches.

WEEK 4: Confidence Building Exercises: Practicing Pitches Together
Finalizing the pitch and memorizing it.
Pitching each other in real life settings.

WEEK 5: Finding the Best Comparables & Strategizing Marketplace Approaches
Finding Where Your Book Belongs in a Bookstore – Investing in Research
How to find agents in your genre.
Finding acquisition Editors in your genre.
Finalizing the strategy that will place your book in the best places.
Why picking the right comparable is crucial.

WEEK 6: Querying with Focus: Finding the Best Agents and Publishers for your story
Analyzing successful queries by genre.
Focusing on what Agents and Editors want to see.

WEEK 7: First Page Essentials: Revisiting your Perfect Opening Paragraphs
Analyzing why the Five Essentials should appear in your first 500 words.
Defining the preferences that incite readers to turn the page.

WEEK 8: Finalizing Your Marketing & Self-Promotion Plan
You’re ready. Now what?
Accentuating your learned advantages at Pitch Conferences.
Putting together strategies that support a consistent approach going forward.

Note: To obtain the most value from this intensive workshop, James will read your manuscript in advance of the workshop and provide a SUBSTANTIVE EDIT SUMMARY for an additional $595 + HST.
Manuscripts must be received by no later than December 1st.

Any AUTHOR or MEMOIRIST who has completed a manuscript may sign up for this 8 week workshop.