The Year-long Workshop to Write Your Novel or Memoir

Part 2: Plan & Finish Your Rewrite

Flexibility is the operative principle when deciding which aspects of a Substantive Edit to include in your Rewrite Plan. Once you have taken some time to think through your options, make a detailed list of the changes. Then discuss your strategy with your mentor, who will help you focus on the critical changes and also support efficiency. Together you will establish a timetable that will support success.

We have designed this part of Second Draft into 10 hour mentorship blocks so you only pay for the time your mentor reads, reviews and discusses your rewrite.

Once your Substantive Edit Rewrite Plan is in place, the rewrite begins.

  • This process is conducted one-on-one by email correspondence and supported with a one hour online Zoom format (or telephone call if you prefer) meeting every two weeks.
  • Rewrites are submitted by email on a bi-weekly schedule, or at a faster pace, at the author’s discretion.
  • Your mentor reviews the chapters as they are received, keeping in mind the rewrite plan objectives, and makes further suggestions if needed. Note that the feedback and discussion regarding rewrites is conducted one on one between each author and the mentor. Authors do not engage with other writers who may have been in the First Draft class.
  • The writer accepts or rejects each mentor suggestion, resubmits the chapter for a final review before moving on to the next segment.
  • Each author selects a (realistic) Target Completion date, NO MORE THAN 4 to 6 months after the Substantive Edit is reviewed.
    • The objective is to finish the rewrite and then take a break before starting PART 3, the 8 week ‘PREPARING YOU AND YOUR BOOK FOR THE MARKETPLACE’ Workshop, that starts in the winter months each year.

    $700 (+ HST) payable on or before the first submission date.
    Since every author’s needs are unique, we present a package that includes 10 hours of reading, feedback and online meetings at a time:
    The process traditionally utilizes the 10 hours like this:

    • 4 one hour zoom meetings (biweekly for 2 months)
    • 6 hours of emailing, discussion, reading and written feedback.

    If you decide to perform substantial rewrites more quickly than the biweekly schedule design, most of those hours will be employed by your mentor reading and providing written feedback with fewer online meetings.

    You decide how to best use your 10 hours.

    If your rewrite is straightforward and manageable, it is likely you will complete your rewrites in one segment. If your rewrite is substantial, or more involved than expected, or you have limited time to spend on it due to other commitments, simply register for another 10 hour segment until completion. If you choose to take a break for a few months, no worries. Your unused hours are saved for you until you need them again.

    If you complete your rewrite ahead of schedule, or if you wish to withdraw from the process for any reason, we happily refund you for any unused hours.

    Please note that the payment for the 8 Week Intensive Workshop (starting in the winter each year) is paid separately.

    Sue Reynolds and James Dewar are both certified in and affiliates of the AWA (Amherst Writers & Artists) Method of leading workshops.

    Celebrating our 14th Year!

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