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“The teaching of craft can be done without damage to a writer’s original voice or artistic self-esteem.”
― Pat Schneider (the 4th precept of the AWA Method)

Our Commitment:

Sue will read and make comments on your posts by each biweekly class as long as you post them with enough time for them to be read before the next class. A good rule of thumb is to post your own writing by the Wednesday between the classes, and then read and make comments on the new work of your fellow writers during the second week.

Because of the intensive reading and feedback, workshop will be restricted to 8 participants.

  • Sue will read your posted material every two weeks and provide comments that support your strengths as a writer and encourage your skills as a storyteller .


  • Sue ensures that the primary focus of each class is exploring the craft of memoir through writing in response to memoir-focused exercises, then sharing at least one of those new pieces with colleagues and receiving feedback. NOTE: in the AWA METHOD, participants are never forced to share what they have written in the class. Reading your new scenes in the group is always optional.


  • Sue will share lessons and readings to expand each participant’s understanding of what a memoir is and what the options are for structuring it. She will also supply opportunities for sending work produced in class to literary journals and other publication opportunities, to provide writers with successes to add to their “author’s platform”.
  • You will have access to a members-only website where you can post your work-in-progress and have the opportunity to interact with your fellow authors between workshop dates.
  • You will also receive exercises from time to time that will further help you to develop your craft as a writer, spark your imagination and keep your fingers on the keyboard.


  • Sue will offer you support and inspiration in the long middle stages of your book when the beginning is well behind you and the end seems far away.

  • Sue will prepare a review of your manuscript at the end of December/beginning of January, geared towards helping discern the structure that is arising organically from your writing for your full project.

  • Sue will meet with each participant, after reviewing the 21,000 word manuscript, to discuss structure, character development, plot, stylistic notes and whatever other elements will contribute to moving the story forward.

  • Sue will celebrate the completion of your first draft with you and your colleagues at the end of June.

  • If your manuscript ends up being longer than you anticipated, Sue will be happy to make an arrangement to help you finish your full manuscript through an Online Mentorship.